Food is the great communicator...it feeds our very soul.


My name is Deb Crabb, and I am a chef in Dallas, Texas and I love my job planning parties! Whether it's cooking for your family or planning a grand reception, I get a kick out of designing the menu, garnishing the plate, decorating the table and watching you have a good time. Creating the memory is so important to me. I think every dining experience should be a party!

I have studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and traveled and dined all over the world. I work on new recipes daily and have fed thousands of people at parties over the years. I give a special thanks to Skillman Church of Christ members who have served as my official taste testers since 1998. I also collect restaurant menus, research the newest wedding trends, and secretly crave chocolate chess pie!

I must confess that I am a foodie. I not only like food but I'm interested in it. With every dish I create, I try my hardest at making it so tasty and trendy that you will want more right away. For me, cooking is fun. Let's party together!

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